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Struggling with how to pay for college?

Just like you, when it was time to apply to colleges,  we were faced with 2 kids in school and tuition costs that have skyrocketed!  We had to find money.



As the economy and cost of living is out of control, you consider the unimaginable…



♦  Withdrawing Retirement & Savings

♦  Depleting Your Investments and Selling Stock

♦  Signing and Co-Signing  Parent and Student Loans


Going into debt is not an option!

There is a better way, private scholarships.


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You've Already...

♦  Completed the FAFSA and received an outrageous Expected Family Contribution(EFC)

♦  Received a Financial Aid package that is list price with no deductions.

♦  Researched and had your student apply for scholarships on national websites and applied to the wrong ones.


You are not alone!

There is a better way to:

♦  Position your student as a premium applicant.

♦  Research and apply to scholarships “right” for your student.

♦  Pay for college using scholarship  strategies that work!




Here to help you attend college
without student loan debt!

Scholarship Secrets Intensive

Save your time and sanity while winning the scholarships your student needs to graduate debt-free.

Introducing the Scholarship Secrets Intensive – The solution and support you need to help your college student graduate DEBT-FREE. 

This comprehensive program arms you with our signature methodology and framework, scholarship secrets, and personalized support – all designed to fit into your busy schedule.

Don’t add to the chaos. Get the information and support you need to win scholarships in a fraction of the time with the Scholarship Secrets Intensive.

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Of Our Students Are Awarded Scholarships
Hi there,

I'm Beth Romer!

Thanks for checking out my corner of the internet where I coach students to strategically research, apply and win scholarships tailored for them.


As a certified college coach, scholarship strategist  and Mom of two recent college graduates, I have helped hundreds of students graduate Debt-Free.


This intensive program has helped hundreds of students win more than $8.5 MILLION dollars in scholarships with proven methodology and strategy. 


Want to know a secret? Both of my boys, now college graduates, are Debt-Free!


I am excited to help your student do the same.

<<< I'm Your Secret Weapon!

professional guidance
proprietary systems
proven strategy

Here’s how easy it is to work together!




Whether you want a done-for-you, done-with-you, or self-guided solution, it all starts with completing the application to become a Romer Scholar.



We’ll hop on a call to discuss your financial goals as well as your student’s educational dreams so we can build the best plan to achieve them.



Complete enrollment with a strong scholarship application that presents the very best of you! You are officially on your way to a debt-free graduation!

Kind Words From Our Families

"Finding scholarships is easy; winning scholarships takes strategy."

~ Beth Romer

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