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Want to Know How To Graduate College Debt-Free?


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Introducing the A.W.A.R.D. Protocol

Our signature methodology has helped hundreds of students win more than $9.8 MILLION in scholarships. This comprehensive, linear pathway is designed to guide you and your student through every step of the scholarship process, ensuring maximum results with minimal stress.


Here’s how the AWARD Protocol works:

A – Assessment: We start by conducting a thorough assessment of your unique financial situation, current goals, and scholarship opportunities. Our process ensures that you get a customized plan tailored to your specific needs.


W – Walk: We walk you through your personal WINS, focusing on your pathway to success and the financial goals we’re working towards. This customized approach is designed to maximize your student’s scholarship potential.


A – Accelerate: Our team will be with you every step of the way as we accelerate your scholarship applications. We make the process easy and streamlined, so you can focus on what matters most.


R – Results: As the initial results come in, we refine our strategy based on what’s working. With data-driven insights, we ensure that the AWARD Protocol is guiding you towards your desired outcome.


D – Devise: Finally, we devise a blueprint that you can repeat year after year, creating a tried-and-true method for ongoing scholarship success.

Going into debt is not an option!

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You've Already...

♦  Completed the FAFSA and received an outrageous Expected Family Contribution(EFC)

♦  Received a Financial Aid package that is list price with no deductions.

♦  Researched and had your student apply for scholarships on national websites and applied to the wrong ones.


You are not alone!

There is a better way to:

♦  Position your student as a premium applicant.

♦  Research and apply to scholarships “right” for your student.

♦  Pay for college using scholarship  strategies that work!


Know your student will  not be burdened with debt!


Graduate DEBT-FREE Without Student Loan Debt

Don’t let the fear of student loan debt hold your child back from their dream education. 

With the AWARD Protocol, you have a proven, step-by-step system to guide you towards a debt-free future.

Schedule your FREE consultation today and discover how the AWARD Protocol

 can help your student unlock their full scholarship potential!

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Hi there,

I'm Beth Romer!

Thanks for visiting out my corner of the internet where I coach students to strategically research, apply and win scholarships tailored for them.

As a certified college coach, scholarship strategist  and Mom of two recent college graduates, I have helped hundreds of students graduate Debt-Free.

This intensive program has helped hundreds of students win more than $9.8 MILLION dollars in scholarships with proven framework and strategy.

Want to know a secret? Both of my boys, now college graduates, are Debt-Free!

I am excited to help your student do the same.

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Kind Words From Our Families

"Finding scholarships is easy; winning takes strategy, systems and a blueprint."

~ Beth Romer

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