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The key to applying to scholarships requires time, and time is what most parents don’t have.


That is why I created a proven system to help others minimize their time and maximize their awards.


As a certified college coach and Mom of two recent college graduates, I have helped hundreds of students graduate Debt-Free.


This program has helped hundreds of students win more than $8.9 Million Dollars with proven strategy.

Finding Scholarships Is Easy, Winning Takes Strategy!

Here Is The Deal...

Not so long ago, my husband and I were raising two boys that were two sport athletes, travel-ball players, leaders in student government and academically accelerated students.

Our time after school was booked well over a year in advance.


Facing the scholarship process was daunting, to say the least. How were we going to pay for college for two?  With my oldest, we dug in the trenches and found answers that could help many families, and from that day forward, my business was formed.


I am a whiz when it comes to simplifying the search for scholarships and know exactly how to implement  systems to make them work for you! They are tried and true!


After I earned my certification in college counseling, I built a proven system that has  helped hundreds of students graduate debt-free!


Over 7.2 MILLION dollars have been awarded to my students!

100% of  students in my programs secure awards!


I am a Mom of two college graduates who are Debt-Free! I know what it takes.


Plus, her dog Axel is super cute!



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